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See Negan introduce himself in a new teaser for The Walking Dead

by Brandon Russell | March 25, 2016March 25, 2016 3:00 pm PST

Ever since season six of The Walking Dead began, fans have patiently waited for the arrival of Negan. And after months of teases, we finally have our first look at Jeffery Dean Morgan as the baseball bat-wielding psychopath.

An international teaser has been leaked online, giving us a short glimpse of Negan and his trusty sidekick, Lucille. (For those of you who are unfamiliar, Lucille is Negan’s baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.)

In the comics, Negan is often considered to be The Walking Dead’s best villain, someone who is both respectful and ruthless. He’s much more nuanced than The Governor and is unlike anyone fans of the TV show have seen up until this point. He’s also at the center of one of the comic’s biggest moments, which may or may not occur in the show.

Fans have debated who will find themselves at the wrong end of Negan’s bat; will it be Glenn, Carol, Daryl? One thing’s for sure: what happens in the comics doesn’t always happen in the show, which means we shouldn’t use that as a guide.

Following this Sunday’s episode, the teaser you see above will likely air in an effort to tease Negan’s arrival. But you can watch it right here (until it’s ultimately pulled).

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