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Oculus Rift now shipping!

by Jacob Kleinman | March 25, 2016March 25, 2016 10:00 am PST

Were you lucky enough to claim an Oculus Rift when pre-orders first opened earlier this year? If you managed to reserve a copy of the virtual reality headset, then your order could be shipping right now, according to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe.

That’s a pretty big milestone for the company, which first launched back in 2012 with a massively popular Kickstarter campaign. Since then, the VR pioneer has gone from duct-taped demo units to a polished final product. Along the way, the startup was also acquired by Facebook for a cool $2 billion.

The first consumer-ready Oculus Rift costs $599. It includes the virtual reality headset along with an Xbox One controller, a motion sensor and an Oculus Remote. It also comes bundled with two free games, VR platformer Lucky’s Tale and sci-fi space shooter EVE: Valkyrie. The company says that the Oculus Rift will offer over 20 exclusive VR games by the end of the year.

If you weren’t fast enough to pre-order the Oculus Rift in January, or just didn’t think it was worth it at the time, you can still buy one now. Just don’t expect your headset to arrive until July.

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Jacob Kleinman

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