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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault free on Origin right now

by Joey Davidson | March 25, 2016March 25, 2016 9:03 am PST

Medal of Honor - Pacific Assault

Origin’s On the House promotion just received an aging and underrated World War II shooter. This time, gamers can dive into Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault.

While not the best in the Medal of Honor franchise, Pacific Assault stood as a strong and often overlooked entry before Call of Duty really took over in the world of first person war shooters. My favorite would have to be Airborne, but Pacific Assault was great back in 2004.

These On the House games simply require an Origin account. Fire up the client, locate the game and add it to your library. Or, hit the link in the source below and download it that way. It’s yours for as long as you stay registered with EA’s marketplace.


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