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Dark Souls III runs in 900p at 30fps on the Xbox One

by Ron Duwell | March 24, 2016March 24, 2016 6:30 am PST

Digital Foundry has put the Japanese Xbox One version of Dark Souls III under the microscope, and its findings reveal the framerates and resolutions at which the game will run. To those that take serious the importance of these numbers more seriously, the PlayStation 4 version could very well be the way to go.

The Xbox One version runs at a resolution of 900p, as opposed to the PlayStation 4 version which is already confirmed to run at 1080p. The Xbox One version also runs at 30fps with the occasional dip in performance. However, if we are to take Bloodborne as an example of the PlayStation 4 version’s potential, considering they run on the same engine, the two builds will not vary in this regard.

FromSoftware has also stated in the past that it finds 30fps to be “the best” framerate for an action game, making the reduced framerate is an artistic decision.

For the rest of the gaming world who think numbers are becoming a little too important, Digital Foundry claims that Dark Souls III on the Xbox One is fully enjoyable, and fans of the franchise should be happy with it when they pick it u.

Dark Souls III launches on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12.


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