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YouTube adds split-screen view for iPads in overdue update

by Jacob Kleinman | March 23, 2016March 23, 2016 3:00 pm PST

Apple introduced Split View for the iPad last year with iOS 9. Now YouTube is finally catching up with an iOS update that adds support for the new iPad feature.

Version 11.10 of YouTube for iOS adds support for Split View, which lets you use two apps at once by splitting the screen. It also includes Slide Over, another new iPad feature that makes it possible to pull in a second app from the side for a quick look while the app you were using temporarily pauses.

The same update fixes a bug that blocked links in video descriptions from working on iOS. Finally, it moves YouTube’s home tabs into the navigation bar when you’re holding your iPad in landscape mode.

The latest version of YouTube for iOS is already available in the App Store and it should update automatically on your device. But, if for some reason it hasn’t, you can hit the source link below to jumpstart the process.

App Store

Jacob Kleinman

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