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Oculus Rift could copy the HTC Vive’s best feature later this year

by Jacob Kleinman | March 23, 2016March 23, 2016 1:00 pm PST

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are similar in a lot of ways, but one defining feature that sets them apart is “room-scale.” HTC designed its headset so you can get up and walk around while wearing it, something the Rift can’t match. At least not for now…

Speaking to Polygon, Oculus exec Jason Rubin revealed how the Rift could offer its own version of room-scale later this year. The company’s current headset can only track your head and upper body, but combined with the sensors in the upcoming Oculus Touch controllers it could offer similar positional tracking on a slightly smaller scale.

Room-scale on the Oculus Rift could be limited to space of around 5-by-11 feet. By comparison, the first-generation Vive lets you explore a 15-by-15 foot area in virtual reality. That’s a pretty noticeable difference, but Rubin claims it won’t matter since most people don’t have that much free space in their homes anyway.

“We don’t believe that the consumer has the space in general,” he said

Even so, Oculus is clearly considering its own version of room-scale. It might not arrive this year, but Rubin promises that a demo of the technology is coming “at some point”


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