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Here’s how the FBI could crack its infamous iPhone without Apple’s help

by Jacob Kleinman | March 23, 2016March 23, 2016 11:00 am PST

locked iphone

Earlier this week, the FBI unexpectedly announced that it no longer needed Apple’s help cracking the San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone. Now we may know how the Justice Department plans to hack into the device.

YNetNews reports that the FBI is working with Cellebrite to uncover information on the locked iPhone. The Israeli company is regarded as a world leader when it comes to digital forensics. It has a history of working with government agencies and signed a contract with the FBI back in 2013 to share its decryption technology.

Specifically, Cellebrite is able to uncover connections between the owner of a locked phone and the people they contacted. This could potentially help the FBI track down anyone else involved in the San Bernadino shooting who communicated directly with the shooter.

The company and the FBI have so far declined to comment on this report, and Apple previously said it doesn’t know anything beyond what’s been publicly announced. But the FBI only has until early April to find a solution before putting the pressure back on Apple, so we should know more details soon enough.


Jacob Kleinman

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