XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus hits PS Vita in a surprise release

by Joey Davidson | March 22, 2016

Surprise! Sony and 2K coupled to stealth release a PS Vita version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Yep, a portable port of the tactical strategy reboot from 2012 is now selling on the PS Vita. It carries a new name, too: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus.

The release was announced without any fanfare at all on the PlayStation Blog in their weekly PlayStation Store Update posts. It’s just sitting there in the PS Vita section without any explanation.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus is available for the PS Vita digitally on the PlayStation Store. You can snap it up for $19.99. If you’ve never played this game before, that price is fantastic… especially if you’re looking for stuff to play on your Vita.


Joey Davidson

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