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Twitter 140-character limit will stay… sorry Kanye

by Joey Davidson | March 18, 2016March 18, 2016 9:30 am PST


Twitter’s executive and design teams have been mulling over some core changes to the formula of tweeting over the last several months. One of the rumored changes was the removal of the 140 character limit for tweets, a pillar of the social network’s initial launch.

That idea has been nixed, according to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Good news for us, bummer for Kanye West and the next time he wants to list the reasons why Wiz Khalifa shouldn’t be messing with him.

Dorsey talked about the decision on the Today show on NBC today. Here he is on the 140-character limit, as transcribed by Variety:

“It’s staying…It’s a good constraint for us, and… it allows for of-the-moment for everything.”

We think this is a great decision. How about you?


Joey Davidson

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