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Looks like the Nintendo NX controller image is a fake

by Joey Davidson | March 18, 2016March 18, 2016 9:00 am PST

NX Controller Leak (2)

Overnight, rumors popped up about a potential Nintendo NX controller leak. We drafted the story this morning, divvying out grains of salt with the headline. Our own Ron Duwell thought “maybe?” while I was yelling shenanigans.

Looks like the latter is the result.

Here are the the original ‘leaked” images.

A Twitter friend, , posted this, noting that the image on the controller actually comes from an Unreal Engine tech demo.

When asked where this was found, the user pointed towards the IGN board, which I’ve tossed into the source link below.

I’m still convinced whoever did this also tossed a shot of ET into the image just for kicks.

ET on Controller

Plainly, this thing looks like someone used Photoshop (with some level of skill) to copy a section from the Unreal Engine demo and paste it onto this odd mockup they made. 3D printed? I’ll buy that.

What do you think? Fake?

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