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Microsoft Edge extensions finally arrive in latest Windows 10 preview


Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 preview to its beta testers, and it finally adds support for extensions in Edge. There are three available for testing right now, but Microsoft promises that many more will be arriving later this year.

If you’re a Windows Insider, you’ll find extensions support in the new Windows 10 build 14291 that was seeded on Thursday. You’ll have to download and install the extensions manually for now, but they will be available from the Windows Store later on.

Those available right now are Microsoft Translator, a Reddit extension, and Mouse Gestures — and you’ll find them all on Microsoft’s Edge webpage via the source link below. Microsoft has made its extensions compatible with Chrome, so they’ll work in there, too.

What’s more, because of that compatibility, Chrome extension developers can port theirs over to Edge incredibly easily — which means that its catalog should grow pretty quickly as Microsoft opens extensions up to all Edge users.

“We’re participating in the W3C Browser Extension Community Group’s efforts to define standardized extension APIs based on familiar web technologies,” reads Microsoft’s announcement. “Today, we’re previewing our first step towards that goal.”

Some of the extensions available later will be AdBlock, Adblock Plus, Amazon, LastPass, and Evernote, Microsoft says.

Killian Bell

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