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Bleszinski’s LawBreakers drops free-to-play, slightly changes art style

by Joey Davidson | March 18, 2016March 18, 2016 10:30 am PST

LawBreakers is Cliff Bleszinski’s new studio’s first game since the famed developer left Epic Games. Boss Key Productions is looking to nail this arena shooter right out of the gate, and that means they’re adapting to the needs of the marketplace.

Part of that decision to adapt? Bleszinski and Boss Key have decided to nix their free-to-play model, instead selling LawBreakers as a premium product. Bleszinski announced the decision during a panel at this week’s GDC. Here’s what he said, per Polygon.

“Is there a gray area between free-to-play and 60 dollars?

…We did a lot of discussions and even more research. There are some core free-to-play games that do well, but for us, we didn’t want to go down the well of players buying ‘energy’ or other sleazy things…

…A lot of core gamers have a negative reaction when they hear free-to-play because they think they’ll get ripped off.”

YesYes, yes, yes. I’ve followed the gaming industry and its personalities closely for a long time now. Cliff Bleszinski’s notions don’t always rub me the right way; but, this one? He and his studio deserve a lot of credit for bucking marketplace trends and recognizing the wants of consumers today. Heck, Blizzard is doing the same thing with OverwatchLawBreakers‘ current prime competition.

As for the art style change? The three images in the gallery above represent what the game now looks like. The change isn’t incredibly drastic. For reference, here’s the debut gameplay clip from a while back.

We’ll have more on LawBreakers as it comes.

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