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The Division beats Destiny as the biggest opening week for an original frachise

Stand aside, Destiny. Tom Clancy’s The Division now has biggest original IP launch in video game history. Ubisoft’s online shooter raked in $330 million during its first week on the market, shattering the previous record of $325 million set by Activision and Bungie’s online shooter.

Ubisoft should totally be all childish and start taunting Activision with “My online shooter is bigger than your online shooter! Nya nya!”

Again, somehow, a Tom Clancy third-person tactical shooter gets to be called an “original franchise” in the eyes of Ubisoft. The company and its CEO Yves Guillemot are extremely proud of the achievement, so I’ll give them a pass.

The Division taking the top spot in the industry for first week sales of a new franchise is a tremendous achievement. We are very proud of our teams, and humbled by and thankful for the millions of players who are giving us their feedback and support.”

As mentioned before, Ubisoft now owns three of the four largest original IP launches in history with Watch_Dogs and Assassin’s Creed joining Destiny and The Division. If ever there was an argument that Ubisoft should remain an independent publisher, then that is it.


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