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iPhone 7 leaked case reveals new details in hands-on video

by Jacob Kleinman | March 17, 2016March 17, 2016 8:09 am PST

It’s been a week since the first alleged iPhone 7 case leaked out. Now we’re getting an even closer look at what could be Apple’s new design thanks to a hands-on video from YouTube’s Unbox Therapy.

The video, which also includes a look at a possible iPhone SE case, reveals a few interesting new details. Apple is expected to introduce a new camera, and the cutout left for the iPhone 7’s rear shooter doesn’t match up at all with the iPhone 6 design. That suggests the new camera could physically move by a few millimeters, along with any internal improvements.

The bottom of the case is even more intriguing. A new cutout where the iPhone’s headphone jack currently sits isn’t physically big enough to plug in a pair of EarPods, suggesting the company really will remove the 3.5mm jack this year. The Lightning port also gets a significantly bigger cutout than usual, possibly to leave room for a 3.5mm adapter.

As for the iPhone SE case, there isn’t much to say. It basically fits an iPhone 5s, though the older phone’s physical buttons don’t line up with the new cutouts. That slight shift is likely due to tweaked design that trades sharp edges for a curvier look.

It’s unclear where exactly these cases came from beyond the promise that they were picked up somewhere in China. It’s possible they could be based on official Apple schematics shared ahead of time by the company, but it’s more likely these models are simply inspired by recent leaks and mock-ups. Either way, it’s exciting to see the iPhone 7’s alleged new design in action.

Unbox Therapy

Jacob Kleinman

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