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Hemidal Pro snuffs security worries your antivirus doesn’t – for just $69

by TechnoBuffalo | March 17, 2016March 17, 2016 9:45 am PST

Hemidal Pro-anti-virus

Antivirus programs are great…in fact, they’re essential. But even among the best antivirus set-ups out there, there are still security concerns you need to consider. One of the largest trouble spots left open by many antiviruses are security vulnerabilities, usually found in your third-party software.  If you downloaded a PDF reader or used that most suspect of programs Adobe Flash, you may have opened security holes in your system that the standard antivirus protections can’t close.

 Heimdal Pro works seamlessly with your firewall and antivirus programs to sniff out holes in your applications and automatically update them to their latest versions. And right now, you can pick up three years of Heimdal Pro coverage for just $69 – almost 50% off its regular price.

 Heimdal Pro plugs all the security leaks that your standard suite of protection programs don’t. Rather than trying to remember to update each program on your PC yourself, Heimdal works in the background of your system, quietly spotting old applications and updating them, protecting you from vulnerabilities crooks and hackers exploit to infiltrate unguarded systems.

 Meanwhile, Heimdal goes a step beyond simple program updates, actively detecting malware concerns and constantly analyzing your internet traffic patterns to block suspicious and potentially dangerous contact with shady websites and servers.

 Though Heimdal proactively defends your system while you continue your work unmolested, it also allows the more security-conscious to run manual scans and get up-to-the-moment security updates for added peace of mind.

 Heimdal Pro rounds out your package of online protection programs – and at 47% off its MSRP, a three-year subscription rounds out to less than two bucks a month. Grab it now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.