Tesla Model 3 design teased in official event invitation

by Jacob Kleinman | March 16, 2016

Tesla is set to unveil its next car, the Model 3, at an event on March 31. The company’s first affordable vehicle is a closely guarded secret, but a new teaser may reveal some of the mystery.

The image above doesn’t show much, but it does give a general sense of the Model 3. The outline looks a lot more like the Model S than it does Tesla’s newer Model X SUV. However, it’s not as sleek as the Model S.

The Model 3 is expected to cost as little as $25,000 with government incentives, but the final price may depend on how quickly Tesla can produce the new car. CEO Elon Musk previously said it would be available to purchase by 2017. We hope to learn the company’s specific launch plans on March 31 when the Model 3 is (likely) unveiled.

Tesla (Twitter)

Jacob Kleinman

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