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Gone Home dev’s space station explorer Tacoma gets pushed into 2017

by Eric Frederiksen | March 16, 2016March 16, 2016 5:30 pm PST

The team that created Gone Home has been working on Tacoma, a game set in an abandoned space station, for a while now. The game was set to release this year, but it looks like our trip to space has been delayed. The Fullbright Company announced this week that Tacoma is being delayed into 2017.

The team is going to rework some core elements of the game, including the way gravity itself works in the game, and how augmented reality will play into the story. The team doesn’t want to simply make another egg hunt, just set in space, but create something that lets the player “interact meaningfully with the story content,” and to do so “in a fundamentally different way than anything we’ve worked on before.”

So, this isn’t a last-minute thing to add polish or clean up some bugs, but rather a decision the team has been considering for some time.

“We need to be responsible about giving the game more space to live up to its potential,” the team wrote in their blog post announcing the delay.

In the interest of that, they’ve decided to give the game a Spring 2017 release date, but have plans to show more of the game this summer.

Eric Frederiksen

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