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GM will rent cars to Lyft drivers for free… if they pick up enough rides

by Jacob Kleinman | March 16, 2016March 16, 2016 5:00 pm PST


Earlier this year, GM and Lyft announced a formal partnership after the carmaker invested $500,000 in the Uber competitor. Now the two companies are moving forward with an exciting new program for drivers.

Lyft announced a car rental system called Express Drive this week. Essentially, it offers Lyft drivers short term leases if they need a car to work for the service. But the best part is that the rental price goes down the more you drive, so the car is free if you pick up enough rides per week.

The service could be a boon for interested drivers who don’t have a car that meets Lyft’s standards. The company says that 60,000 people applied in Chicago last year but didn’t have an appropriate vehicle. Of course, Express Drive will also get more Lyft cars on the streets, which should help the startup take on Uber.

Express Drive is launching in Chicago this month. The service is set to expand to Boston, DC, Baltimore and other cities later in the year.


Jacob Kleinman

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