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Learn to code with SitePoint’s huge training library for $49

by TechnoBuffalo | March 14, 2016March 14, 2016 11:45 am PST

For an education in code, there is no better tutor than SitePoint. The acclaimed site has over 5,350 video tutorials and 90 e-books, stretching from basic skills to pro techniques. TechnoBuffalo Deals now has lifetime subscriptions for $49.

Membership of this library gives you unlimited access to $75,000-worth of tuition, covering web standards, key coding frameworks, new technologies, popular tools, and workplace skills. For the development novice, the introductory courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and MySQL are invaluable. Folks with more experience can jump in with higher level tutorials, and you can learn to integrate the likes of Foundation and Backbone.JS into your workflow. Confident developers can extend their abilities with content on HTML5 video, Google Maps API, and courses on other cutting-edge techniques. You can also master WordPress and Git, while office-based users can upgrade their employability with tracks on project management and content strategy. New screencasts are added every week, with a new course every two weeks, and a new e-book arriving once a month. Access is unlimited, and each course comes with a certificate of completion.

Grab a SitePoint lifetime subscription now to save 89% on the regular price.