Alleged iPhone Pro dual-camera module emerges

by Todd Haselton | March 14, 2016

Rumor has it that Apple’s next iPhone, the presumed iPhone 7, will come in a few different flavors. Right now it sounds like there will be a standard iPhone 7, an iPhone 7 Plus and then some sort of pro model, possibly the iPhone Pro, that builds on what the iPhone 7 plus offers. The iPhone Pro is expected to pack a special camera with two different lenses, perhaps for better focusing or for something else entirely.

Now an alleged module for this special camera has appeared, and it shows what we were expecting: two different lenses with, presumably, two different capabilities. We can’t tell for sure just looking at this, but it’s also possible one could be a very wide-angle lens like LG has with its G5 smartphone, which also employs two year-facing camera lenses. MacRumors thinks this might actually be the real deal since the timing seems right given that parts for the iPhone 7 are starting to leak ahead of the assumed September launch. “It is labeled with the 821 part number, which Apple has used in the past,” MacRumors added.

Again, we probably won’t know much more about this module’s capabilities until September, but interesting to see the rumors are starting to yield parts out of the supply chain.


Todd Haselton

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