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Captain America: Civil War—This is how Spider-Man gets his high-tech suit

by Brandon Russell | March 14, 2016March 14, 2016 12:30 pm PST

Did you see the new Captain America: Civil War trailer? If you stayed until the end, you would have seen a certain spider-themed hero wearing a fancy red and blue suit, complete with black accents and articulating eyes. Peter Parker is supposed to be a high school nobody struggling to deal with his powers, so how is it he came into possession of something so high tech? Easy: he got it from Iron Man.

We’ve heard reports along these lines before but a new rumor from Latino Review further adds weight to the Tony-Peter bromance. Apparently, when Civil War first introduces us to the new Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, he wears a hand-made suit that, according to Tony Stark, looks like Underoos, which is a brand of underwear for children.

According to the report, Tony persuades Parker to join his side, bribing him with that fancy new suit seen in the trailer. Apparently Spider-Man will initially be on Team Iron Man but he’ll then switch allegiances over to Captain America’s side.

It’s unclear what makes Spider-Man flip sides though it might have to do with a certain death that occurs. Similar events happen in the Civil War comics, so today’s report is really no huge surprise. It also adds more weight to the rumor that Iron Man could appear in Spider-Man’s solo movie, which is currently scheduled for a 2017 release.

What do you think of Spider-Man’s look? Personally, I think his suit looks awesome, combining elements from the Amazing Spider-Man and early variations of the character; it even looks like he’ll utilize mechanical shooters, which we heard about late last year.

You can check out a high-resolution picture of his suit above and don’t forget to read our recap of the newest trailer below.

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