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Oculus gets social with new games and videos for Gear VR

Oculus is rolling out a bunch of new features this month for its virtual reality platform. Overall, it looks like the Facebook-owned company is bringing a pinch of the social network to Gear VR headsets.

To start, Oculus wants you to set up a profile and start adding friends. You can do that using a special app on your phone, and even use it to see who’s online and using the Oculus platform at any given time. Once you’re set up, you can play games and even watch videos with your friends in virtual reality.

On the gaming front, Oculus introduced two simple apps that let you play with up to four other friends using voice chat. Social Trivia is a simple trivia challenge where you compete with friends while sitting around a virtual table. There’s also HeroboundGladiators, an arena-style brawler where you team up to fight goblins and demons.

If you’d rather just kick back and watch a video you can create a room with Oculus Social and invite your friends to join while you stream from Twitch or Vimeo. The company is also adding a Facebook Videos tab to the Oculus Video section, where you’ll find 360-degree content starting next week. Finally, it’s bringing Facebook Reactions to Oculus Video so you can like and share clips from inside your headset.

Facebook clearly sees Oculus as a platform for all sorts of social interactions. The company is also set to release developer tools later this month that will make it possible for third-party companies to take advantage of Oculus Social as well.


Jacob Kleinman

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