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Diablo III’s next patch adding heaps of cosmetic loot

by Joey Davidson | March 10, 2016March 10, 2016 11:35 am PDT

Diablo III has never really been a game about making your character look unique with fancy duds and what not. Sure, items affect their look and there’s always the use of dye, but it sort of stops there.

Well, patch 2.4.1 will bring with it piles of cosmetic loot.

We’re talking wings, new pets, crazy helms and unique weapons. The gallery above shows a bunch of what you’ll be able to find when the patch drops.

Great, here’s another reason to fire up Diablo III again. I’ve been sitting on the fence about it, but that ridiculous cow pet has just about sealed the deal.

Will you be giving Diablo III another crack once this patch drops?


Joey Davidson

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