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Mass Effect: Andromeda loses yet another senior dev

by Joey Davidson | March 8, 2016March 8, 2016 7:22 am PDT

BioWare and Mass Effect: Anrdomeda have lost another developer. This time, Cameron Harris has announced that she is leaving for non-video game work.

Harris was the Senior Editor on Mass Effect Andromeda, and she marks the third big team member to exit the studio over the last few months. The other banner staffers were the game’s lead writer leaving for Bungie and the game’s Development Director departing.

Here’s her tweet with the news.

It’s hard to say if this departure, as part of the string of others, signals a problem with the game. In fact, I’d offer that stating as much would be a huge leap. There’s no doubt, however, that losing key developers affects the final product.

Hopefully Harris finds great work on the other side, and I definitely hope BioWare is able to replace her talent.


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