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Ni-Oh is looking really solid, like Dark Souls meets a samurai flick

by Ron Duwell | March 7, 2016March 7, 2016 12:30 pm PDT

Footage from Koei Tecmo’s Ni-Oh has hit the web, and would I be wrong to say that it looks really good? I had originally dismissed the game as just another hack ‘n slash, but after seeing this, I’m not so sure anymore. This video walkthrough was shown behind closed doors at Tokyo Game Show 2015 last year, meaning that it has probably already been smoothed out and polished since then.

Koei Tecmo and Ninja Gaiden studio Team Ninja first announced the game as Oni back in 2004, but it quickly stumbled out of knowledge and legend until last year when it magically turned up at the TGS convention. And what has happened to the video game industry over that lost decade?

Dark Souls!

Of course, because every franchise needs to take a few pages from From Software’s mega-hit these days, Team Ninja had no problem lifting a few ideas. Not that there is anything wrong with borrowing the formula, because I doubt I would be very interested in Ni-Oh otherwise. Here we are with a brand new Japanese action game that takes the dark atmosphere and dangerous action of Dark Souls and sets it to a samurai action flick.

Not just any samurai story either, but rather, one based on a lost script written by none other than legendary film director Akira Kurosawa himself.

That’s it. I’m sold! Sign me up for whenever Koei Tecmo brings this thing over here. Ni-Oh has been confirmed for worldwide release on the PlayStation 4 in 2016.


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