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Metal Gear Solid fan remake has ceased development

by Eric Frederiksen | March 7, 2016March 7, 2016 2:30 pm PDT


The Shadow Moses Project, which was to be a remake of the Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid, has been canceled. The team took to social media to announce this, though their announcement was vague:

The team says they have some “other news coming though,” and they have asked fans to stay tuned.

Fan remakes like this are always a risky venture when it comes to the time put in by those developing the game and the hopes and excitement of fans following it. While a few companies seem happy to let these things percolate, most notably Valve and Bethesda with the Half-Life remake Black Mesa, and the Morrowind remake called Skywind, most companies seem more focused on protecting their properties and these projects are often shut down hard and fast. While we don’t know why it was shut down quite yet, a cease and desist seems likely, as Konami’s been pretty protective of their properties as of late.

If it was indeed Konami, though, that’s a bit disappointing. While PC games like Half-Life and Morrowind are still available and can be installed on modern PCs, something like Metal Gear Solid, originally released on PlayStation in 1998, is lost to time until the company decides to remake or re-release it on a more modern platform, meaning there’s no money flowing to the company for them to miss out on. Konami had cheekily acknowledged the existence of the remake a few months back:

Shadow Moses’ team had been teasing a big announcement set for just a week from now, and we may never find out what they had in store. Hopefully that news is that the game is getting an official remake, or that the team is making their own stealth game, or something like that.

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