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Oculus will avoid Mac until Apple releases a ‘good computer’


Hoping to get Oculus Rift support on your Mac? Don’t hold your breath. According to Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, the company’s new virtual reality headset won’t be compatible with OS X until Apple releases a “good computer” that’s capable of powering it.

Apple’s Pro machines are designed to tackle power-intensive creation tasks, like editing movies and producing music. But the graphics chips Apple chooses to use mean they’re not so great at gaming — at least not when compared to Windows PCs with proper desktop GPUs.

In fact, even if you spent $6,000+ on a high-end Mac Pro with upgraded internals, you still wouldn’t have the power required to get an optimal experience with Oculus Rift, simply because of those AMD FirePro graphics chips.

When asked whether Rift would ever support Mac, Luckey explained, “That is up to Apple and if they ever release a good computer. It just boils down to the fact that Apple doesn’t prioritize high-end GPUs. You can buy a $6,000 Mac Pro with the top-of-the-line AMD FirePro D700s and it still doesn’t match our recommended spec.”

“If they prioritize higher-end GPUs like they used to for awhile back in the day I think we’d love to support Mac,” Luckey added. “Right now there’s just not a single [Apple] machine out there that supports it so even if we can support it on the software side there’s just no audience of people that can run the vast majority of software out there.”

Here is the ShackNews interview with Luckey, in which he talks a lot more about Rift and virtual reality:

Rift was made available to pre-order in early January, priced at $599, and the first pre-orders will begin shipping this month. Oculus recommends an NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 graphics card, an Intel Core i5 processor, and 8GB of RAM or better.

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