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The PlayStation TV has been discontinued in Japan

by Ron Duwell | February 29, 2016February 29, 2016 7:16 am PDT

Sony has wrapped up production of the PlayStation TV in its home country of Japan. As of this morning, Sony’s official product page has updated itself to say that the streaming device is no longer available for shipment.

No word on if this trend will continue in North America or Europe just yet, but the device isn’t exactly lighting up the charts abroad either.

PlayStation TV was first announced in Sept. 2013, and it acted as Sony’s attempt to make a cheap media streaming device. It offered bonuses on top of Netflix and Hulu that others could not, like support for PS Vita and PSP games as well as PlayStation Now streaming. As the only legitimate way to play some of the best PSP games on a television set, it’s a nifty little device that most gamers should check out at a reduced price.

However, the list of PSP and PS Vita games that Sony never officially supported is a lengthy one that sadly contains a lot of recognizable titles, and a launch price tag of $99.99 made it nearly dead on arrival.

PlayStation TV was nice idea, but sadly, not one that ever became fully realized. At least I got to play The 3rd Birthday on a television set, though. That was pretty sweet.

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