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Android N images reveal tweaked notification shade

by Brandon Russell | February 29, 2016February 29, 2016 4:40 pm PST

We saw a tiny glimpse of Android N just last week but a new report from Android Police has an even better look at the changes coming to Google’s next update. This time, screenshots of Android N’s revamped notification shade have leaked, providing a look at changes longtime fans have been begging for.

According to the images, the first change coming to the notification shade includes the addition of quick settings, making it easier to do things such as turn Wi-Fi, enable Airplane mode and more. In Android Marshmallow, the quick settings panel can only be accessed by swiping down the notification shade and then swiping down a second time.

Users will still find the quick settings panel by swiping down twice from the notification shade (or perhaps with a two-finger swipe), but there will be quick settings already accessible from the first swipe in Android N. Speaking of quick settings, Android Police notes that the UI tuner will be on by default, suggesting Google is finally ready to bring the feature to the masses. Meanwhile, the quick settings menu will apparently feature pagination, allowing users to put less frequently used settings out of sight.

Finally, the cards found in the notification shade look a little different. Frankly, I prefer the look of Android M but maybe that’s just me.

Android Police says the images are from a very early version of Android N, which means things can change between now and then. While getting a look at the tweaked notification shade is nice, can we have confirmation about whether or not Google plans on killing the app drawer. I spy the little icon in these photos, but there’s been plenty of rumors suggesting it may happen.

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