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Apple introduces fix for weird 1970 bug

by Brandon Russell | February 25, 2016February 25, 2016 3:00 pm PDT

Remember that really weird iOS bug that bricked iPhones when the date was set to Jan. 1, 1970? Apple is fixing it in a new update.

According to MacRumors, the iOS beta released by Apple this week introduced a fix. Many people speculated the issue came down to an “integer underflow that [caused] the iPhone to reset the date to the maximum value.” This sent devices into an endless reboot cycle, thus leaving people who were daring enough to set their clocks back with bricked phones.

In the beta, the date apparently can’t be set before Dec. 31, 2000, putting an end to the 1970 bug once and for all. Why you’d want to set your phone to a date other than the present is unclear. Maybe you’re going to time travel? In any case, if your phone was killed by the 1970 bug, you should be able to restore it to working order using iOS 9.3 beta 4.

This isn’t the first bug Apple has had to squash over the last month. The company also came out with a fix for Error 53, which also bricked phones that were fixed by third-party repair shops.


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