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Pokémon’s getting a special Nintendo Direct this Friday, Feb 26

by Joey Davidson | February 24, 2016February 24, 2016 5:14 am PDT

I know what I’ll be doing at 10am ET on Friday, February 26. I’ll be watching a Nintendo Direct presentation. This one? This one is a Pokémon Direct.

The email from Nintendo included nothing more than calling it a Pokémon Direct and announcing the aforementioned 10am ET start time. We don’t know how long the Direct will be or what, exactly, it will feature.

Of course, I imagine we’ll see content about the upcoming Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow Nintendo 3DS eShop releases. Those titles drop on February 27, the day after the Direct.

A whole Direct dedicated to a Virtual Console release, though? I’m not so sure. There’s always the chance that Nintendo is looking to announce another official Pokémon title. We still haven’t seen anything about a possible Pokémon Z, the once thought inevitable third entry alongside X and Y. Or, how about a whole new Pokémon?

Then there’s Pokémon GO, the mobile title. Oh boy, this Direct could be huge, couldn’t it?

We’ll find out on Friday.

Joey Davidson

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