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Oh, just a gorilla aboard the International Space Station

by Brandon Russell | February 24, 2016February 24, 2016 3:00 pm PDT

scott kelly

It’s been a long, exhausting year for astronaut Scott Kelly, and to celebrate the end of his stay aboard the International SpaceStation (ISS), he had a little fun with his fellow bunkmates. Posted to Twitter this week, Kelly dressed up in an ape suit and had some fun.

“Needed a little humor to lighten up a #YearInSpace,” Kelly said. “Go big, or go home. I think I’ll do both.”

First question: What is an ape suit doing on the ISS? Second question: Is this what astronauts do during their downtime?

Kelly, who is scheduled to return to Earth next week, has been aboard the ISS for nearly a year as part of a larger experiment that aims to see how being in space for a long duration affects the human body. At the very least, it doesn’t appear as though the stay has diminished Kelly’s sense of humor.

Brandon Russell

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