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iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 said to pack A9 and A9X processors

a9 apple chip

The iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 that Apple is expected to introduce this spring will be just as powerful as the latest iOS devices, according to a Bloomberg profile on Apple’s chief chipmaker Johny Srouji.

It was unclear whether the iPad Air 3 and the smaller iPhone — which will presumably be much more affordable — would use Apple’s latest components or get older ones instead. But according to sources familiar with the plans, they won’t disappoint.

“In March, Apple intends to announce an updated iPad and smaller-screen iPhone featuring the latest A9x and A9 chips,” says Bloomberg within its profile on Srouji.

It certainly sounds like the iPad Air 3 will be a smaller iPad Pro, then. Recent rumors have already promised it will be compatible with Apple Pencil, and will have its own Smart Connector with support for the Smart Keyboard and other accessories.

Meanwhile, it looks like the iPhone 5se might solve one of the biggest complaints fans had with the iPhone 5c, which was that it shipped with older hardware that made it less appealing than Apple’s faster models, despite their larger price tags.

Apple is expected to announce both the iPhone 5se and the iPad Air 3 on March 15.


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