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Threes! creator announces a new mobile fantasy adventure called Guildlings

by Joey Davidson | February 16, 2016February 16, 2016 6:30 pm PDT


The developer of Threes! formed Sirvo Studios a year ago, and now they’ve announced their first game. Asher Vollmer, Ellen Alsop, Jamie Antonisse, Jon Culp, Ryan Sullivan, Mackenzie Schubert and Kyle Youngblom are making Guildings.

What is Guildings? Beyond the beautiful image above and the GIF in the tweet below, we’re not entirely sure. The tweet and GIF, though, are pretty telling of what we might experience here.

A mobile fantasy adventure that features a smartphone bound in a case meant to look like a mysterious tome? Already, I’m curious.

The game’s official site offers a little prose, as well.

We know a place where mages run raves,

harpies haunt the suburbs,

and a road trip can save the world.

We’ll have more on Guildlings as it comes. For now, the game is slated to hit mobile devices in 2017.

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