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Xbox One and PC Cross-Buy is something Microsoft wants to make a “platform feature”

by Joey Davidson | February 15, 2016February 15, 2016 5:39 am PDT

Quantum Break will be the trend setter, if Microsoft has its way. It’s the first game to feature PC and Xbox One cross-buy. That means, if you buy it on Xbox One, you’ll get a copy of it on PC.

According to the head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, buying a game once on either the PC or Xbox One and owning it on the other platform as well will soon be a “platform feature.”

Spencer said this on Twitter when responding to a fan asking about the future of the feature.

Of course, Microsoft will join the ranks of Sony in this one. Sony features a cross-buy feature between the PS Vita and PlayStation 4 (with the PlayStation 3 sometimes also making it into the mix). However, it’s not constant. Not every single game that hits both platforms is cross-buy.

Will that be the case with Microsoft? Time will tell. As forĀ Quantum Break, getting the cross-buy feature requires pre-ordering the Xbox One version. So far, as far as we know, that’s the only way to go cross-buy there.

We’ll have more on this as it comes.

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