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Mattel’s new View-Master VR headset looks cool as hell

by Brandon Russell | February 15, 2016February 15, 2016 10:00 am PDT


Mattel has already released an upgraded View-Master, bringing the old viewer into the 21st Century. Over the weekend at Toy Fair 2016, the toy-maker introduced an even bigger upgrade.

Launching this fall, the newest View-Master, dubbed Viewer DLX, now supports the use of headphones, along with improved optics for a better viewing experience. There’s even a focal adjustment wheel to ensure you’re able to actually see what’s right in front of you.

It’s not the biggest upgrade over the current View-Master, which carries the distinction of being the only VR gadget to be sold in Apple stores. But the new viewer has still been tweaked just enough to warrant consideration for an upgrade. At $40, it’s not the most expensive viewer on the block, and it looks cool as hell.

Check it out below.


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