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10 Cloverfield Lane trailer—Monsters come in many forms

by Brandon Russell | February 15, 2016February 15, 2016 12:30 pm PDT

We’re still not sure what to make of 10 Cloverfield Lane. It’s not a direct sequel to Cloverfield, so we’re not actually sure if there are indeed any monsters. I mean, the trailers sure imply there are—during Super Bowl 50 new footage was released, at the end of which we heard a pretty convincing screech suggesting there is something lurking out there. But so far the only real drama takes place inside the bunker, where Howard (John Goodman) has apparently “saved” Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

The newest footage paints a grim picture of whatever events are taking place. Howard gives off a kidnapper vibe, but the trailer might just be edited in a way that’s trying to trick us into thinking he’s the bad guy. Michelle certainly doesn’t trust him, and at one point she attempts to escape the shelter. But at another point in the trailer we hear John Gallagher Jr.’s character say that he injured himself trying to get into the shelter, not out.

The trailer is full of mystery, and that’s the point. Luckily we don’t have to wait much longer to find out what’s actually happening, because 10 Cloverfield Lane hits theaters on March 11.

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