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Blizzard possibly giving free World of Warcraft to those who see the movie

by Ron Duwell | February 11, 2016February 11, 2016 11:30 am PST

Man, even at its peak, America Online has nothing on Blizzard. How many ways are there to get free World of Warcraft time these days, anyway? Opening the mail, buying a magazine, overturning a coaster at your parents’ house. “Oh look, free World of Warcraft! I already have plenty of that.”

However, Blizzard is now in the business of giving out free World of Warcraft along with something you might actually want, like a movie ticket to Warcraft. As spotted in a survey sent out to customers, the company asks fans if a free copy of the game would be enough to get them to see Warcraft when it releases on June 10.

A Blizzard representative also confirmed on Reddit that the survey is real, and that the company is seriously considering the offer. However, I’m inclined to say “No,” it is not. This is because a large majority of those seeing the movie probably already have the game and plenty of hours piled up. It might attract a few new subscribers as a long term goal, but if Blizzard wants a huge opening weekend, I have three little words that will give them just that.

Are you listening, Blizzard? Good, here they are…

Exclusive Hearthstone cards.

If you want to beat Star Wars, that’s what you offer to get fans off their butts and run to the box-office. Nintendo found that out with Pokemon back in the early 2000s.

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