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Twitter deploys huge new feature, proves it’s not turning into Facebook

by Jacob Kleinman | February 10, 2016February 10, 2016 1:00 pm PST

twitter while you were away

When news first broke that Twitter was preparing to switch on a new algorithmic timeline, the social network practically had a revolution on its hands. CEO Jack Dorsey quickly responded with a promise that the company wouldn’t ruin what makes Twitter unique. Now that the update has arrived, it looks like he was telling the truth.

The company announced a new feature on Wednesday called “Show me the best Tweets first.” It works a lot like “While You Were Away,” rounding up what the company thinks are some of the best tweets shared by people you follow since the last time you logged into Twitter. You can scroll past it to see the regular timeline, or just dismiss it with a quick pull-to-refresh.

It sounds like you’ll need to turn on this new feature manually by jumping into settings on Twitter, though I still don’t see the option in my own account. It’s possible the company could eventually switch it on automatically, but it should still be easy enough to turn off if you want.

We’re glad Twitter isn’t ditching its chronological timeline to become a Facebook clone, at least not for now.


Jacob Kleinman

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