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Get live streaming video in mid-air with the Axis VIDIUS Drone – now just $75

by TechnoBuffalo | February 10, 2016February 10, 2016 9:15 am PST

Every since drones started exploding on to the consumer market a couple of years ago, drone makers have continued to tack extra bells and whistles on to those rapidly shrinking wonders to make them even more…well, wondrous.

Which brings us to the Axis VIDIUS drone, now available in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store for only $75. Because who wouldn’t want a drone less than two inches across that can not only do all the cool aerobatic maneuvers drone flyers are accustomed to, but also beam back a LIVE video feed to your favorite handheld device?

Many drones come packing video cameras these days, but you won’t find many crafts that can relay that video back to the pilot up to 100 feet away via Wi-Fi, offering a truly first-person view of your misadventures in live streaming form.

As with its more conventional mini-drone counterparts, the Axis can also record video or still images at 420p which can then be pushed up to social media accounts through the Axis’ slick smartphone app.

Run the Axis through its paces with a 2.4 GHz controller or through that same smartphone app, flipping and spiraling along for five to seven minutes on one 20-minute USB charge.

The Axis puts you right in the pilot’s seat – and at 21% off, this would be a good time to grab one of these cool little crafts…and start thinking about what they’ll add to the next iteration of this baby.