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Gmail safer than ever thanks to new security measures

by Brandon Russell | February 9, 2016February 9, 2016 12:05 pm PST


In celebration of “Safer Internet Day,” Google has introduced a new security measure that should make email less scary. Going forward, Google will alert users when they receive an email from a service that doesn’t support TLS encryption; the alert is represented by a broken lock icon. You can see the new feature in action below.

Google supports encryption in transit using TLS, and says it will automatically encrypt incoming and outgoing emails when possible.


“We support industry-standard authentication to help combat email impersonation,” Google explained. “And there are tons of other security measures running behind the scenes to keep your email safe.”

Google says that not all services go to such great lengths to protect its users, thus the new security measure.

In addition to the little broken lock icon, Google will also display a question mark in place of a sender’s profile photo when a message can’t be authenticated.

Hopefully with these new measures in place you and your loved ones won’t be duped by any bogus emails claiming to be from a reputable bank.



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