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Instagram multiple account support likely coming soon

by Jacob Kleinman | February 5, 2016February 5, 2016 12:00 pm PST

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Earlier this week reports surfaced that Instagram was testing a feature we’ve wanted for years: An easy way to switch between accounts. Now TechCrunch reports Instagram has confirmed the tests on iOS, suggesting an official update could be coming soon.

The new feature has popped up in the options menu for some people using Instagram on iOS. It includes the option to add an account, log out of your current account or log out of all accounts at once. A similar setting surfaced on Android last year as part of a small beta test, but the company still hasn’t made an official announcement.

The ability to switch between Instagram accounts may seem unnecessary, but for some people it could be huge. Professionals who run a company’s (or multiple companies’) Instagram page along with their own will be able to jump between them much easier. It also reflects a growing trend among teens who have two accounts: one polished public version and a second private Instagram just for their closest friends.

For now this is just a test, but there’s clearly plenty of interest in making multi-account support a real Instagram feature. Hopefully the company doesn’t wait too much longer to make it official.


Jacob Kleinman

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