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Instagram video ads are going to get a lot longer

by Brandon Russell | February 4, 2016February 4, 2016 3:00 pm PST


The video ads you see on Instagram are already pretty long, clocking in at 30 seconds (twice as long as what’s available to regular users), but a new report says they’re going to get even longer.

Starting this week, video ads are going to be increased to a full minute, with Warner Bros. and T-Mobile among the first to test-drive the extra time. So what should Instagram users expect to see? Well, trailers for movies, of course, along with T-Mobile’s recent commercial featuring Drake.

As far as ads go, Instagram has been able to integrate them into user feeds pretty seamlessly, and it’s not like you’re being forced to watch the longer ads—you can simply scroll past them. The hope is that users will let curiosity take over and stay engaged for a full minute. That might be wishful thinking, however, as Instagram is still primarily a platform for consuming photos, not video.

Since being scooped up by Facebook, Instagram has looked for ways to monetize the platform, especially now that it has over 400 million active users. So long as these ads stay relatively restrained, you might not even realize the 60 seconds you just spent watching a Batman v Superman trailer was an ad at all.


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