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YouTube reportedly prepping live 360-degree video

by Brandon Russell | February 2, 2016February 2, 2016 8:30 pm PST

In case you hadn’t noticed, Google likes VR. So much so that its video platform, YouTube, is going to introduce live 360-degree streaming at some point in the future. If true, YouTube would distance itself as the leader in 360-degree content, further building on the platform’s support for VR content. Suddenly all those new 360-degree cameras we saw at CES don’t seem so crazy.

YouTube has supported 360-degree video for nearly a year now, and has leveraged the popularity of Cardboard as the easiest way to experience what’s possible in the world of VR. Given VR’s potential as an immersive tool for education, and its uses in areas such as extreme sports, 360-degree video could soon become as commonplace as cat videos. Imagine watching the next World Cup through Cardboard.

BuzzFeed News says the launch of YouTube’s live 360-degree video remains unclear, saying the technical challenges remain the biggest hurdle.

“One potential solution to this would be for YouTube to establish a set of standard specifications for 360-degree camera manufacturers,” BuzzFeed News said. “Given its prowess in the video-streaming market, YouTube could presumably win some cooperation from the industry.”

The biggest challenge faced by YouTube is stitching the video together while it’s streaming live, something the platform is reportedly creating software for as a way to support a variety of different cameras.

Streaming live 360-degree video isn’t necessarily new; NextVR made headlines last October when it live streamed the opening game of the NBA season, something it hopes to do more of throughout the year

As if 360-degree video wasn’t already primed to have a breakout year, it sounds like the technology is going to really make its presence felt on the biggest video platform in the world.


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