Windows 10 finally on more PCs than Windows XP

by Todd Haselton | February 2, 2016

Microsoft basically shoved Windows 10 down our throats, pushing it out to computers across the globe, sometimes when people weren’t really looking to update. That strategy seems to have worked, though, because Windows 10 is now on more computers than Windows XP — the beloved albeit somewhat archaic operating system that launched way back in 2001.

According to Net Market Share, cited by CNNMoney, Windows 10 is now on 11.9 percent of all computers around the globe. Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s last operating system before Windows 10, is on 10.4 percent of all computers. And, despite its age, Windows XP is actually still on 11.4 percent of all computers. People just love sticking with a classic, and I can’t blame them.

That’s pretty stunning given that Windows 10 only launched this past July. Don’t expect Windows 11 soon, either, as Microsoft has shifted its strategy to viewing Windows 10 as a service, and will continue to update that version with new features.



Todd Haselton

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