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Power Rangers reboot has its Rita Repulsa

by Brandon Russell | February 2, 2016February 2, 2016 8:00 pm PST


One lasting memory I have of the Power Rangers from the 90s is Rita Repulsa and her maniacal laughter, always shouting about how she wanted to conquer Earth (but never succeeding). She was completely insane, and the consummate villain: campy, deranged, and hilarious.

That’s why today’s casting announcement is a big deal. Either the new Rita Repulsa is going to be amazing, or a missed opportunity.

While little is known about how the new Rita Repulsa will factor into the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, we at least know who will play the character: Elizabeth Banks.

Banks has been working in Hollywood for years now, but has only recently risen to super stardom for her roles in The Hunger Games, The Lego Movie, and Pitch Perfect, the sequel of which she directed last year (and will be back to direct for Pitch Perfect 3). Stepping into the shoes of Rita Repulsa will be completely new territory, though she has proved again and again she has a knack for comedy.

Banks took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce the news, quoting one of the Repulsa’s most famous lines:

“After 10,000 years I’m free. It’s time to conquer Earth!”

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