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Google’s OnHub update adds new features

by Brandon Russell | February 2, 2016February 2, 2016 5:00 pm PDT

When Google released its first OnHub router last year, it promised a simple experience above all else. Both devices (TP-LINK and ASUS) are about as simple as they come, but Google perhaps made the experience a little too rudimentary, with users quickly realizing that the OnHub platform lacked basic features.

That’s all changing today, however, thanks to a new firmware update. According to Google, once your app (Android or iOS) and router are updated (version 7647.72.0), users will be able to set a Guest Wi-Fi network and rename devices, the latter of which is a feature users have been begging for since OnHub first launched.

The renaming function is pretty self-explanatory. From the beginning, Google has said that OnHub assigns a name based on certain device information. Like, for example, my iPhone is “Brandon’s iPhone.” The conversation isn’t always seamless between devices, however, and oftentimes names would be a jumbled mess. It was infuriating for people who wanted complete control, and ultimately degraded the OnHub experience.

Meanwhile, being able to set a Guest Wi-Fi network was another big omission because it’s a basic feature of most, if not all, competing routers. Finally Google saw fit to change that.

Once a Guest Wi-Fi network is set, users can easily point guests to that network, and control which connected devices are available to visitors.

Both features have been added without complicating the OnHub experience, which is key. An update for the Google On apps are out now for Android and iOS, with an update set for the OnHub routers hitting later this week.

Now it’s time for Google to give the USB port found on both devices an actual function.

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