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River City Ransom SP debut trailer – The boys are back in town

by Ron Duwell | February 1, 2016February 1, 2016 7:30 pm PST

River City Ransom SP isn’t a sequel to the NES cult-classic, rather it’s more of a re-imagining with a modern touch to the graphics. Developer Arc System Works keeps the characters, unique character sprites, and story intact, from the Japanese version, but it overhauls the combat to better suit today’s gaming world.

The company has launched a debut trailer to show fans what they mean by a “re-imagining.” The powers of the 3DS give Arc System Works nearly infinite space and memory to create sprite animations, attack patterns, and personalities in their characters than the NES version ever could have dreamed of. It even has an overhead map of the downtown area, meaning no more wandering or getting lost.

The last time someone remade River City Ransom was back in the days of the Game Boy Advance, and most fans will agree that it wasn’t that great. I’m hoping someone steps up and gives this one a chance in the West… with the Japanese setting and characters intact.

Don’t worry, though. Fans of Alex and Ryan still have the option of playing as the American counterparts in the upcoming official fan-sequel, River City Underground. River City Ransom SP launches in Japan on April 28.


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