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Nintendo and GameStop giving away a free legendary Pokémon each month

by Ron Duwell | January 26, 2016January 26, 2016 12:40 pm PDT

Pokemon Legendary (2)

To celebrate 20 years of Pokémon, The Pokémon Company and GameStop have teamed up to give away a free legendary Pokémon every month. February kicks off the celebration with a free Mew downloadable into Pokémon Omega RubyAlpha Sapphire, X and Y, and to add on top of the rewards, it will come maxed out at level 100.

It will be available from Feb. 1o until Feb. 24. Codes must be redeemed by May 31. Following Mew, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have released a schedule of each Pokémon that will be available and where it can be picked up.

  • Celebi: March 1 – 24 (Nintendo Network)
  • Jirachi: April 1 – 24 (Nintendo Network)
  • Darkrai: May 1 – 24 (GameStop)
  • Manaphy: June 1 – 24 (Nintendo Network)
  • Shaymin: July 1 – 24 (Nintendo Network)
  • Arceus: August 1 – 24 (GameStop)
  • Victini: September 1 – 24 (Nintendo Network)
  • Keldeo: October 1 – 24 (Nintendo Network)
  • Genesect: November 1 – 24 (GameStop)
  • Meloetta: December 1 – 24 (Nintendo Network)

Man, I don’t recognize any of them. None from the original 151. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the biggest anniversary of the year.

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