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Valkyria: Azure Revolution extended teaser and behind the music segment

by Ron Duwell | January 25, 2016January 25, 2016 6:15 am PDT

While we patiently await a reveal for Valkyria Chronicles Remastered here in North America, SEGA continues to tease the game’s follow-up in Japan, Valkyria:Azure Revolution. Several updates have been made to the game’s official webpage, including an extension to the original teaser trailer and a “behind the music” segment for the game’s main theme, “Eternal Rest.”

The extensions in the teaser fail to include the new villain, Maxim, but there is plenty more of the dark footage that starkly contrasts the original. I wasn’t a fan of the new look at first, but after looking at it as a separate spin-off in the series, it’s grown on me now. The music, however, is unquestionably out of this world!

The main theme was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, an outsider of the video game world. SEGA recorded the recording of “Eternal Rest” by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra in a documentary, and Mitsuda claims that the overall soundtrack will be an “intense” one that reflects the feelings of the game.

We’re waiting to see if SEGA confirms an English release of Valkyria: Azure Revolution alongside the rumored Valkyria Chronicles Remastered this week. Keep your fingers crossed! The game is scheduled for 2016 release in Japan for the PlayStation 4, and a demo will be included in Valkyria Chronicles Remastered when it launches on Feb. 10.


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